Preparing to depart Australia in a pandemic!

November 22, 2020

Preparing to depart Australia in a pandemic!

Welcome all to my first Melle Co blog, as I prepare to depart my beloved home in the Whitsundays, Queensland Australia in December 2020 and I am absolutely thrilled to be launching the new Melle Co HQ’s  in a country called Montenegro, which is extending to the south from central Europe into the Mediterranean Sea. Montenegro is surrounded by majestic mountains, medieval villages and the vibrant Adriatic coastline.

If you are a travel enthusiast or an international student please join me whilst I showcase fascinating emerging travel destinations, participate in international educational trade fairs, guest speak at prestigious universities across the Balkans, Spain, France and South America (Lima) United States Of America (Miami).

If you would like to study, work or travel in Australia and you live in one of the above countries please email My favourite saying is "choose your own adventure” I am on a heart felt mission to head hunt the most extraordinary independent travellers, with glowing attributes that showcase academic excellence. 



If you enjoyed this post feel free to share, comment and if you have any travel tips for the Balkans please reach out and let me know!!

Melle Xx